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Information age has witness yet another paradigm shift from laptops and personal computers to pocket gadgets and compact tablets. Today mobile phones and tablets have outnumbered the pc computers by 3 to 1 and that difference is on exponential rise. It is inevitable for the businesses of any scale to mark considerable presence on mobile devices through mobile apps. But there is a catch here. Mobile development is not cost effective at all. That is what is keeping businesses away from venturing upon it.
That’s the promise we have to offer. We provide solutions which are cost effective by all means. We are a team of highly motivated professionals who are experienced to deliver end to end solutions from design phase to the final product based on client’s requirements and within their budgetary constraint.
Client relation is the only profit we seek; therefore client’s satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We are extremely sensitive about transparency, accountability and client’s satisfaction. We have employed the work routines, which keep our clients updated with the real work progress on runtime.

SaaSio envisioned bridging the gap between technology and businesses. We understand the unique domain requirements of different businesses and we understand how comprehensive technology solutions can add value to those businesses. Our array of experiences has enabled us to communicate between these two domains. We can create accurate technology specs from the client’s requirements regardless of their business domain and regardless of the clarity of the idea they may have, and provide them with the solution that they desire or required. We seek to secure a long lasting work relation with client, based on the vision we have for their work.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Kashif Aslam


Over 14 years IT experience in Telecom, Power-Distribution, and Consulting industries, with some of the fortune 500 companies e.g. ATT, Comcast, Southern Company, Georgia Power, HR Block, Accenture. Kashif is technically proficient and drives technical strategy for the company. Work directly with customers and technical staff for smooth delivery of products as per customers' expectations. He is also an author of "Zero Downtime Database Upgrade & Active Replication Using Oracle Golden Gate 11g Release 2" and proactively participates in technical events.

Sajjad Baig


Why Sajjad Interested in Mobile Apps.
Sajjad’s entrepreneurial capabilities are well recognized in startups like Exponiere, jam'n java, and his family owned business (IFC). With his over 20 year’s business experience, he has been working in business development, financial management and infrastructure growth. He is a well-known and respected figure in business class. His diversified experience in businesses provides valuable insight of the unique requirements of different business domains and his approach, to device effective technology driven solutions for those problems, has captured his passion for mobile apps development.


Our app solutions are not confined to just mobile devices; rather we provide complete end-to-end solutions for across all communication mediums, which means Web development with up to date technology trends such as HTML5, angular.js, CSS3, PHP, .Net and back-end support of web-servers and databases. So we can pretty much do everything our client can hope for.
Following is the brief description of the technologies and products we have focused on.

Mobile Apps

♦ Healthcare Apps ♦ Enterprise Apps ♦ Educational Apps ♦ Business/Productivity Apps ♦ Gaming Apps ♦ Android ♦ iOS ♦ Windows ♦ Samsung SDK

Web Development

♦ HTML5 ♦ CSS3 ♦ PHP ♦ .Net Framework ♦ JQuery ♦ Angular.js ♦ Wordpress Customization & Support

Database Support

♦ MySQL ♦ Cassandra ♦ Mongodb ♦ Oracle


At SaaSio, we only create APPS and that is what we do best!

ABC Slingshot

Eduactional Mobile App

Boat Fun 123

Eduactional Mobile App




Business / Photography

Restaurant App

App Development


Web Development

Alcomth App

App Design

Android 5.0

App Development

Early Birds

Web Development

Fitrip App

Web Design

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